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The 7 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco


Do you dream of a thousand and one nights, of tales and prodigies, of enchantment and a change of decor? So let yourself be transported to the twelve most beautiful places in Morocco.

Close your eyes. Imagine. It’s hot. Everyplace around you, armature bursting with details and colors, places overflowing with life, stalls piled up in the alleys, tempting smells, spices poking your taste kids, friendly people at every door.

Trip a little further. Immense stacks, stirring mountains, a ocean as far as the eye can see, ocher lands, houses in the gemstone, herds of scapegoats in the townlets.

You’re in Morocco.

The good news? The dream can fluently come true. The worst? It’ll be delicate to choose which places to visit in Morocco as there’s so important to discover. But do not fear, we’re then and we offer you a mini companion to the twelve most beautiful places in Morocco.

1. Toudgha Gorge

In southern Morocco, explore the Atlas mountain range. Take the road in the heart of the Toudgha vale. Along the way, stick three hundred cadence high limestone escarpments. You enter the lodges of Todgha.

To visit Morocco and witness the majesty of its geographies, the Toudgha ravines are among the most fabulous. You’ll have the feeling of being gulfed by these titans of nature. Also, the center of the ravines is accessible on bottom. You’ll be suitable to take a dip in the water of the Toudgha wadi, the swash which waters the vale and gives it its amazing fertility. During your walk, over all, look up! Do not be surprised at the gemstone rovers you find adhering to the sides of the escarpments.

2. The Dades Ravines

In an original style, the Dades Ravines are just as spectacular. They’re located further west of the Todgha Gorge. They formerly again bear substantiation to the inconceivable beauty of southern Morocco. The houses blend into the gemstone, the views are dizzying, the geological conformations fascinating and the colors unthinkable. For those wishing to visit Morocco in the style of the Grand Canyon, this is a place not to be missed.

For an indelible memory, respect the gigantism of the Dadès ravines at evening from one of the loftiest points above the road. Eventually, you’ll notice that these are also the playground of hiking and climbing suckers.

3. Merzouga and the stacks of the Sahara

It’s hard not to go through the Sahara when you want to visit Morocco. In the south-east of the country nestles the Saharan vill of Merzouga. It’s the ideal gateway to explore the largest Moroccan stacks. Also called Erg Chebbi, this lunar massif of the Sahara offers a real card geography. Then, it’s the desert, the stacks and the camels as you have always imagined them! As far as the eye can see, you’ll find only a ocean of golden beach.

To enjoy this exceptional place during your stay in Morocco, numerous conditioning are available to you camel lift, night under the stars with Saharouis gadabouts, night in Berber campgrounds or simply a dégagé walk on bottom.

4. Paradise Valley

A place that lives up to its name! Although this is a route known to excursionists, we advise you to visit this vale. Visiting Morocco also means discovering luxurious oases. Precisely the vale of Paradise is one of the most sublime. At the gates of Agadir, this phenomenon of nature offers aqueducts, falls, natural pools of turquoise water, stunning ravines and great biodiversity. Don’t vacillate to interrogate about the hiking trails. With or without a companion, don’t vacillate to explore the less traveled paths. An occasion to awaken the adventure in you during a trip to the lands of Morocco.

5. Ait-Ben-Haddou

Aït-ben-Haddou stands in the fiefdom of Ouarzazate. It’s a Moroccan Ksar a fortified vill typical of the Maghreb, erected then on the side of a hill. Its value and its preservation are so exceptional that the vill is classified as a UNESCO heritage point. You understand why this is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Morocco.

Aït-ben-Haddou looks like a pile of red- earth residences and corner halls girdled by protective walls. The ocher and caramel colors of the slipup are stirring.

6. Fint Oasis

South of Ouarzazate, discover the Oasis of Fint. Meaning » hidden »in Berber, this enclave opens the doors to a real paradise. After visiting Morocco, you’ll understand that it’s a land of striking contrasts.

Then, the luxuriant nature of the win copse contrasts with the flushing escarpments. The Oasis of Frint is also a awful substantiation to the imagination of Moroccans. The irrigation system allows constant growth of foliage in a harsh terrain. Especially since the colonies of the win copse are noway done at arbitrary.

7. Ouzoud Falls

Looking for what to visit in Morocco after enjoying the delirium of one of the Homeric centrals? The Ouzoud falls will make you happy! It’s incontrovertibly one of the most natural spots in Morocco.

These one hundred and ten cadence high falls tumble over three situations dug into the gemstone. To visit the Ouzoud falls, follow a hiking trail leading you through the timber, to meet all kinds of merchandisers and monkeys. Be careful, these are real chippers!
When you arrive at the bottom of the falls, you’ll feel bitsy and you won’t repel the appetite to approach these gigantic cascade. Take a boat to cross to the other side and take a tajine break facing the gigantic cascade. On the way back, the vistas are just as fabulous. Go in hunt of the place where you can see the rainbow above the falls.

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