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CAPRICE DMC and Events offers its customers a stay with a fulfilling framework to take into account their well-being. To do this, our teams will take care of the organization of your holiday with exclusive offers from our leading partners.

To help you relax, you will have access to the fitness & Spa service of your establishment, an accompaniment for your shopping and a total organization of your events.

Trust us for a peaceful and unforgettable stay!


Bringing The Wellness To Life

At CAPRICE DMC and Events , we are committed to improve the lives of the clients we serve. We provide a variety of therapeutic, prevention, and vocational experiences to adults, children and their families. At CAPRICE DMC and Events we are committed to helping people by offering them quality health and human services.

Wellness Tourism

Wellness has permeated the hospitality industry, from hotels to restaurants and airlines, pushing travel brands to innovate and find creative new ways to integrate elements of wellness into their guest experience.

Wellness travellers (vacationing while enhancing one’s physical, mental, or spiritual well-being) are taking more wellness-focused trips and spending 130%more than the average traveller.

The Global Wellness Institute reports that the booming wellness tourism sector grew 6.5% in the last two years, double the growth rate for tourism overall, driven mainly by emerging markets (Asia-Pacific, Latin America-Caribbean, and Africa).

A tailor-made trip to your liking!

Would you like to set up a trip to your liking? Do you prefer to create your personalized dream trip? Do you need a full support during all stages of your trip? 

CAPRICE agency has the solution & realizes your Tailor-made trip!

Opting for a tailor-made trip means establishing your dream trip, at your own pace and according to your budget, by defining all the stages of the stay, the places to visit, the desired duration, the preferences … etc.

CAPRICE offers you a personalized trip suiting your traveler profile and meeting all your expectations, unlike the packs offered which are generally pre-established without any intervention from the traveler.

Our consultants will listen to your preferences in order to offer you a schedule that meets all your needs : a trip made by you, and only for you.

Let us help you!

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